Lindy Hop


You’ve been attending regular classes for at least 2 years. Social dance and lindy hop are a part of your weekly routine and you have been to a few workshops. Your basics are strong and you have a decent library of figures and variations.


You’ve been attending classes and practicing consistently for at least 4 years. You find yourself comfortable in fast tempos and you can swing out easily in those fast songs. You can play with new rhythms and enjoy learning new routines and patterns. this level will be challenging from all aspects: rhythmically, technically and tempo wise.


I’ve you have read the previous levels and want more, this may be your level. You may be teaching in your local scene, attended various international workshops and you are familiar with competing.

Solo Jazz


Your basics are solid and you want to improve your improvisation. You are familiar with classical routines like shim sham, tranky doo, big apple etc.


You’ve been years working on your solo dance. You are fluent with improvisation and can easily pick up new routines as well as more complex rhythmical variations. If you enjoy challenges, this is your level.
gastroswing 9-12 Junio