This Jazz sextet directed by tenor saxophonist Enric Peidro has a fresh approach which prioritizes personal and collective creativity and musical expression and clearly associated with the so-called “Mainstream” Jazz or Classical Jazz. An unusual formation with a very elaborate musical repertoire that is overflowing with swing and is totally worth listening to. More info: Enric Peidro


When they go on stage, one thing is for sure: dancing won’t stop until that last note is played as they bring one hell of a party. They are very known for their irresistible swing, the explosion of energy and the craziness they bring on to the stage, as well as their exquisite repertoire.

More info: Carolina Reapers Swing


Coming straight from France, we bring you the Toulouse Hot Club, a quintet with a huge musical talent that will bring every single beat to life during this tenth edition. You`ve definitely met some of them if you´ve been to Herräng because you can find them pretty much in every jam session. They are also linked to the creation of the so-called Shimshamarena…

Toulouse Hot Club