2019: IX edition

From may 30 to June 02

A must go at least once in lifetime for all lindy hoppers


  • Packs with classes + parties: March 09 – 12:00
  • Packs without classes (Only Parties): March 14 – 20:00

Spanish text will prevail in case of discrepancy

Payment method

Payment of the full fee will take place after you fill in your registration form. Payment method is credit card or Paypal account.

The fullfilling of the form and the payment don’t gurantee a sopt: you will remain in waiting list untill the organization communicates you that your place is firm through your Web Private Zone and email.

While being in waiting list, you can ask anytime for a complete reimbursement.

If the Gastroswing organization cannot guarantee a spot for you within 30 calendar days, your full payment will be made available for you. Once the spot is confirmed, the general conditions will apply.

Registrations procedure

1. You submit your personal information by filling in the Registration Application form. If you realize your information is not correct, do not send a new form. Just reply to our email including your information and we will update your details. Submission of more tan one form per person is not allowed. In the event we receive more than one form for the same attendant, any of their forms will be deleted.
2. If you fill in the form successfully, click “Proceed with payment” and you will be redirected to the payment form to proceed with payment by credit card.
3. Once the payment is completed, you will see on your screen the following:

4. We´ll immediately send you an email with your application status, the compilation of your personal information for any eventual corrections, and the way to acces to your WEB PRIVATE ZONE. This Web Private Zone is your main communication system with the Gastroswing organization, and all details about your registration status are updated there. Keep your access details safe to check the status of your registration (current situation, waiting lists, payment…).

If you don’t receive this email, you can either write to info@gastroswing.com or access your Private Area to send us a message.

Classes levels


This will be the lowest level. There will be no classes for absoulte beginners. To be able to attend this group’s classes, is required to know the basic Lindy Hop dinamics: triples, kicks, Kick Charleston… and you should also know about basic Swing Out, although you don’t need to be an expert. During the first year of regular classes, usually you should be able to be ready for this level.


You feel comfortable with all routines and basic variations: Charleston, Swing Out, tandem, Counter Kicks…. Your goal now is to improve in all of them through conection techniques, moreover than adquiring new movements and variations.
Two or three years of classes can give you the ability to attend this level.

Level III

You are an experienced dancer. You don’t think anymore in new dancing figures, but ways to improve them or play with them. Your dancing is more about musicality.
This level is not reached through classes: classes will be for regular social dancers.
If ther are enough very experienced people, this level will go into two groups, being one of them Invitational.


Level I

Anyone could be able to attend classes at this grupo. Funny movements, to get you ready to introduce the musicality into your Lindy Hop

Level II

At this group, classes will be more challenging. Detais will be worked out, and classes will be intense.


Cancellation / Reimbursement Policy

In the event that the organzation needs to cancel the event or is not able to get you your paid spot, we commit to fully reimburse any fees you have already paid.
If the attendant cancels their spot, the organization will reimburse their payment except for a management fee of €50. For the remaining paid fees: • Full reimbursement will be offered for any cancellation made via the Private Area of the web before 00:00 am of March 20th (except for a management fee of €50). • 50 % of the total amount paid minus 50 € will be reimbursed for any cancellation made via the Private Area of the web before 00:00 am of April 10th • 30 % of the total amount paid minus 50 € will be reimbursed for any cancellation made via the Private Area of the web before 00:00 am of May 10th • After the mentioned dates, no reimbursment could be claimed for

Only reimbursements requested via the Private Area of the web are guaranteed, unless you receive a confirmation of receipt of your cancellation request before the relevant dates.

Any registered attendant may decide to be replaced by a different attendant (who has not registered yet) at any time. In the event of such a replacement, all of the activities and features of the original registration will be transferred to the new attendant.


All participants who want to attend classes will choose their own level. In no case will the organization be liable if participants don’t choose the appropriate level. No partial or full reimbursements will be made if attendants are dissatisfied with the class level.
Menus will be announced in advance, but they might be replaced with similar menus at the organization’s discretion. Participants with any type of food allergies are responsible to ask about meal ingredients. Under no circumstances will the organization be liable for any allergies.
All of the teachers and bands announced are final. If a force majeure event prevents any teacher or musician from participating in the festival, the organization commits to do its best to replace them with a similar level professional. In the event of such a replacement, attendants will not be entitled to a compensation or reimbursement unless the organization decides to do so at its discretion.
Both the schedule and the venues are subject to changes for organizational reasons (weather, overlapping with other events…). Attendants will not be entitled to a compensation or reimbursement if the schedule or the venues are modified.
Gastroswing wants to provide a safe environment for all participants. No aggressive, intimidating or disrespectful behaviours will be admitted. In particular sexist, racist and xenophobic behaviours are strictly prohibited. In the event that any person behaves in an unacceptable way, they may be chased out of the festival at the organization’s discretion. If you feel abused or threatened during Gastroswing, please contact the festival staff. We want you to feel safe and enjoy the festival, and you must be free to choose who you want to spend the festival with. Don’t accept any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable or abused. If that’s the case please contact the organization immediately.
Other Gastroswing activities.
The organization may at its sole discretion change the festival agenda in order to deal with potential issues or to improve the contents. The organization of the five previous Gastroswing is the best guarantee to prove our commitment to maintain the spirit and quality of the festival.
Registrations and controls.
All spots are assigned to one specific attendant. In the event that the original attendant wants to transfer their spot to a different attendant, they must necessarily notify the organization in written and provide all the personal information of the new attendant who will replace them. Such a replacement requires a confirmation by the organization. An official ID with a photograph may be required to pick the personal accreditation up. The transfer of any personal accreditation such as a bracelet or a ticket to any person other than the registered participant is strictly prohibited. In the event that this rule is not observed, the registration will be void and the original attendant will not be entitled to any reimbursements. The people who break this rule will be chased out of the festival facilities.

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