gastroswing 9-12 Junio

about us.

Gastroswing is an international swing festival that will take place in Vitoria (Basque Country, Spain) in June. This year it will be proudly celebrating its tenth edition!
It is one of the most popular festivals in the Spanish scene, mainly because its unique atmosphere and because of the many social activities which are organized during the festival, where local cuisine is used as the main link between them.

If you haven’t heard about the special lunch in a traditional restaurant in the mountains, it is about time!

We want this edition to be a truly special one and that’s why we want to bring you quite an awesome group of teachers and amazing bands. It will be the festival you might already know, but like you have never experienced it before.



Felix Berghäll en Gastroswing 2020
Fatima Teffahi Gastroswing 2022
Hector y Sonia Gastroswing 2022
Lizette y Patrick en Gastroswing 2022
Bianca y Nills Gastroswing 2022


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