2019: IX edition

From may 30 to June 02

A must go at least once in lifetime for all lindy hoppers


  • Packs with classes + parties: March 09 – 12:00
  • Packs without classes (Only Parties): March 14 – 20:00

At least once in lifetime

Gastroswing 2019... IX edition

¿Why should you come to Gastroswing?.
If you have already came, we know you want to repeat.
If you haven’t came yet… nobody is going to be able to describe.


From 2011

An experience that nobody has been able to imitate

Gastroswing every year gets a unique environment. In our social activities, every participant interact with each other, with the result of a weekend you will never, never forget.

Gastroswing 2014, Clases, Vitoria-Gasteiz, 31/V/2014. Foto por Dena Flows

Each year we can make it better

Best venues

Year after year we try to improve the comfortability of our venues for classes and parties.

Wooden floor for our night parties to protect your knees.

All of the venues are 10 minutes walking from one to the other

But we get the whole town (the incredible Vitoria-Gasteiz) as our main venue.


You will never forget this weekend. Incredible moments happens anytime

The complete social experience

Our activities

Know Gastroswing

La Gastronomía

As no other place in earth

In Basque Country food is not only a way to survive. Gastronomy is a tool to build relationships; you will only understand it when you are here.


Best World Teachers and spaces

 Our teachers selection is not only about Lindy Hop. We also look for the human and social side.


Ahhh... Gastroswing parties

have you ever herad that Gordon Webster’s gigs are much better at Gastroswing?: come to see why. He and his band, as any particiapnt, feels great here in Gastroswing.

The social experience

Much more than a Swing festival

Participants allways asks why Gastroswing is special. Our secret is to make easy for you to interact with others.

Registration coming soon

To be punctually informed

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